Game X Change Potion ('$GXP')

Why GXP?

$GXP is the utility token on the Game X Change platform that offers reward for playing, earning, farming and prizes throughout the platform. GXP is required to be backed to each staked NFT on the Game X Change in order to receive rewards. Users are able to use $GXP to purchase common weapons in battle and earn from AAA steam gaming. Players are able to interact with the Game X Change ecosystem by the following:

  • 🎮 Play and Earn by transferring in-game currencies and NFT between games

  • 🖼️ Import NFT purchased NFTs into integrated games to be used

  • ♻️ Convert game currencies directly to $GXP

  • 🛍️ Buy NFT passes and play connected Steam games like PUBG, Rocket League, Destiny 2, CSGO, GTA V, The Witcher, Rust. Convert those achievements into $GXP and other cryptocurrencies. New games are always added!

  • 🛒 Purchase limited-time partner NFTs from the Game X Change Marketplace or buy admission passes uses $GXP.

  • 🎁 Collect Exclusive NFTs to sell in the global market.

  • ⛏️ Stake $GXP and NFTs to receive from the ecosystem treasury.

GXP will be earned by:

  • Playing games through play and earn

  • Converting in-game achievements to $GXP

  • Dismantling NFTs within the ecosystem

  • Staking NFTs backed by $GXP to earn $GXP or partner tokens

GXP may be required for the following:

  • Playing games on the Platform

  • Buying specific game NFT admission passes

  • In-game asset purchases

  • Staking NFTs backed by $GXP

  • Battle Upgrades

  • NFT Crafting

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