Game X Change Gold ('$GXG)

Secondary Token in the Game X Change Ecosystem

$GXG is the secondary dual token on the Game X Change platform that offers reward for playing, earning, farming and prizes throughout the platform. $GXG can be directly imported into games to buy in-game upgrades. Additionally, when earned, in-game currencies can be converted to $GXG.


To ensure long-term adoption it is crucial to make the game approachable to everyone, here is where the secondary token comes into play!

Game X Change Gold will be used as one of the main rewards for games within the ecosystem. Similar to many game design concepts, GXG will act as the “gold” and GXP will act as the “gem” of currencies that you often see within mobile games. Both will share important places within the ecosystem as GXP will be used as the access token and used for purchases for many elements while GXG will have specific actions that allow users to progress within the platform, like vault upgrades, NFT Upgrades or importing into games as the earned currency, in both cases GXP will also be required.

GXG Immediate Uses

  • Reward for gamers playing and earning

  • Purchase specific game-related NFTs on NFT Marketplace using GXG/BNB or GXG/GXP

  • Upgrade Game X Change Vaults using GXG/BNB (read more on Vault upgrades)

  • Import GXG directly into connected games to buy in-game earned upgrades direct

Uses may be added or changed during or after release of GXG and this does not act as a full feature list

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