How to Set Up An Account and Convert

Click Login to start creating an account.

Click create an account and fill out the form

Follow the onboarding guide

Unlock your wallet ( make sure you connect the wallet you want to use on the Game X Change platform )

Make sure your connected wallet address is the one you want to use. *Please note you can only connect one wallet to your account, and this wallet cannot be changed for security purposes so please do not forget it.

Once you have connected your wallet, you will need to acquire 2200 $GXP in order to use game conversion, NFT marketplace and NFT staking.

Once you have acquired enough $GXP, ensure that you copy your referral code and send it out to other users. Each user who signs up with your referral link will grant additional rewards.

Once you have accepted terms you will be sent to the main dashboard. Once at the dashboard click the game you would like to play.

Click one of the many selected games to get started. Please ensure that you meet the required minimums in order to play. Click on the game and create a vault.

Once your vault is created, open up the game and sign in using the same information provided on the game x change platform.

Sign in with your USERNAME (not email) and the password you used when creating the account on Game X Change.

Once signed in you will see any points collected. You will then be able to input the amount of in-game currency you wish to export. Once inputted press export to send it to the Game X Change. Please note each game may have their own export limits and restrictions.

Once you have sent points to your the Game X Change return to and click "convert" on the selected game.

Once on the swap page you will see the amount of points available to convert. Input the number you wish to convert and press convert. Please ensure that you meet all the requirements (minimum EXP + Game requirement). Note There is a 15% tax that is taken from the points you are rewarded, NOT your balance. The tax is used to reward the publisher and the Game x Change platform.

Confirm the transaction on Metamask (BNB is required for gas fees). Congratulations you have set up and made your first conversion!

Common Issues

I meet the requirements but the platform doesn't see my tokens or NFP while using mobile

  • Please ensure that whether you are using Metamask or Trust Wallet, you must use the in-dapp browser -- Note Trust Wallet latest IOS update removed the in-dapp browser

  • Also ensure that you have connected your wallet, if on mobile click connect wallet at the top of the page.

  • Please ensure you add the game to your vault before trying to sign in.

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