Converting Game Currency

How to convert in-game currency

  • Hold $GXP

  • Buy Non-fungible Pass ("NFP") for the selected game

  • Add game to your vault

  • Play and Earn

  • Convert

Prior to playing the game, you must add the game to your vault. This can be done on the game menu dashboard.

Once you have added the game to your vault and press convert you will have the option of selecting the game currency in which you want to convert. Insert the amount of in-game currency you would like to convert and press convert.

Converting Steam Achievements to Cryptocurrency

Users are able to connect their steam accounts to the Game X Change and convert their achievements into $GXP. NFPs must be purchased in order to unlock specific Steam games. Once an NFP has been obtained, simply play the game via the steam launcher and after unlocking return to the Game X Change to claim your points. Users must enable their profile, game details, to Public in steam settings in order for the platform to review their completed achievements.

Claiming Rewards

There is a maximum amount of points a user can earn per day for both integrated games and Steam achievements. This maximum is based on specific games.

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