NFT Admission Passes ('NFP')

How it works

To play games and interact with the Game X Change users are required to hold $GXP. If you do not hold $GXP you will be able to view the assets within the platform but you will not be able to play.

Once holding $GXP users will have to acquire game-specific NFT admission passes or also known as Non-Fungible Passes.

NFT Admission passes

NFT Admission passes allow gamers the ability to play and earn. Holding a specific game admission pass makes it possible to convert the in-game currencies to $GXP and other tokens.

NFT passes for games are limited and based on market demand. In the future, whether a not a game receives more NFT passes may be left up to governance vote. Percentage of the NFT sales returns to treasury and is split to those who hold and stake.

Convert In-game currencies between games

Once a user holds an NFT pass they will unlock the ability to play and earn from that game title. The rest is simple, play and convert the score, gems, or points collected in the game for GXP or other tokens!

NFT Admission Pass Phases

NFT admission passes have two phases, New/Unopened and Used.

Since NFT admission passes grant users the ability to play and earn, they cannot be used to claim points from two different accounts. Once an NFT admission pass has claimed its first game points it is considered Used and the ability to play and earn is bound to the connected wallet. Users are able to sell the NFTs on the open market and list them as "New/Unused" for users to purchase and claim within the platform. If users purchase NFT Admissions passes with the idea of selling them, it is recommended that they do not claim any points from the pass prior to selling them.

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